Esteban M.
Came out of quasi-retirement to trumpet up this place. Old San Juan, last time I went, had fully-converted to a restaurant so I had to go to Louisville's own Little Cuba area for those things you just can't get at Kroger. This is like those bodegas there, and they have a decent selection of galletas, plantain chips, cooking stuffs like wine and mojo criollo, and desserts like pastelitos and flan. I picked up a Cuban sandwich, rice and beans, a Materva, and a flan. The Cuban Sandwich is solid, if I wouldn't mind a bit more pork, but the flavor is just what I remember. The black beans are salty and savory; my own tend to be sweeter with vinegar, but still very good. They do their rice better too. You should take a look; it's not meant for huge crowds but if you're just looking for a place that stocks mantecado and nectars, and you can get a bite to eat while you shop, you should definitely check it out and support a local business!
Stacey J.
Tried their pastries at Crave festival. Their pastries were amazing. We had a cheese pastry, meat pastry, and a guava one. All were wonderful.